Photo Comparison: Audi A6 — Old C7-Generation vs C8 Generation

Audi just recently revealed the brand-new, C8-generation A6 ahead of the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. It was a big move, one that we didn’t see coming. What we did see coming was its design, though. After having seen spy photos and teasers, it was evident that the new Audi A6 would look like the A8, only smaller. And it does.

While it is an entirely new car, one that improves on the old car in every objective way, its design isn’t that much different from the car it replaces. So we thought we’d go through the designs of both cars and compare them to see which is better looking.


These two cars are most similar looking in their faces. They both have similarly shaped headlights and grilles. Having said that, the headlights on the new C8-gen Audi A6 are a bit angrier and sharper, while its grille is also sharper and larger. Where the new car really stands out at the front is with its larger front air intakes, which are better looking than the older cars’.

In profile, the new car is also better looking, even if it’s subtly so. Its shoulder line starts over the front wheel and continues into the front door. Though, it stops there and begins again over the rear wheel. That gap in between makes the wheel wells seem flared out and that gives the A6 a more aggressive, more muscular look. Those rear wheel wells do actually seem to flare out a bit which, along with a beltline that seems to raise as it goes rearward, makes the new A6 seem rear-wheel drive, even thought i it isn’t. Compared to the new C8-gen Audi A6, the older C7-gen looks downright boring.

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Out back, these two cars are again very similar. Both have similarly shaped rumps, they both have almost identical exhausts and similar decklid spoilers. The only real difference between the two cars is their taillight design. The old car just has two pretty bland looking rectangles. Whereas the new car gets two new taillights that feature OLED light elements that can put on a bit of a light dance. It also has a silver bit of trim that spans between both taillights.

Where the new car drastically improves is inside. The cabin of the new car is significantly better looking than the one it replaces. It’s actually shocking when you see them back to back. The inside of the new C8-gen Audi A6 looks like something they’d drive in Altered Carbon. The old car seems, well, old by comparison. Inside the new A6 you get two touchscreens that control HVAC controls and infotainment, which is far more high-tech than the old-school rotary dial of the old car. Then there’s the obvious Virtual Cockpit of the new car, which is far more advanced than the traditional gauges of the old car.

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All in all, the new Audi A6 is better looking than the old one. It’s not drastically different and it isn’t a revolutionary change. However, it’s sharper, more high-tech and more handsome. If we had to choose between both cars based on looks along, there’s no question about it — we’d take the new one.

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