Photo Comparison: Audi A6 Avant vs BMW 5 Series Touring

Audi just dropped the reveal of the A6 Avant and we think it could possibly be the best looking wagon in its class. It’s sleek, modern and muscular at the same time and it makes us wish we got that here in the ‘States, instead of the A4 Allroad. However, there’s also another very good looking wagon in the class, one that we thought was the undisputed best looking wagon in the segment until the A6 Avant debuted — the BMW 5 Series Touring. Both are such good looking cars that we wish we could buy in America. So let’s take a look at both and see which one is better.

From the front, it’s a really close call. Both are very handsome, with massive grilles, angry looking headlights and large front air intakes (although the Audi’s front air intakes are as-standard while the 5er needs an M Sport pack). If I have to choose, though, I’m gonna go with the Audi A6 Avant but it’s really close. The Audi takes it for really minor details like the sharply creased hood and the more angular headlights. Both look great, though.

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In profile, it’s another close call. They both have really attractive features that make we want to choose them. for instance, the Audi A6 Avant’s flared rear wheel arches and the BMW 5 Series Touring’s muscular front wheel arches. However, I think I have to give the nod to the BMW 5 Series Touring, here, thanks to the way its D-pillar comes down and merges with the rear end. It’s just a little sportier. And thanks to its shorter front overhang, it looks tighter and more athletic. Both look great, though, it’s just that the 5 Series looks a bit more like a sports wagon.

Out back, I have to give it to the 5 Series Touring again. Its taillights are a bit more visually interesting and it has a sort of built-in rear spoiler that looks quite sporty. While the A6 Avant doesn’t look bad, per say, it’s just a bit flat and unadventurous. The A6 Avant is a great looking car but if it does have a bad angle, it’s at the rear.

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Inside, though, the Audi A6 Avant fights back. I’ve been inside both cars and they’re both excellent but the Audi A6 Avant is just a bit more modern. Its slick looking dual-touchscreen layout and Virtual Cockpit make it look high-tech and forward thinking. The 5 Series Touring looks good on the inside and it’s a handsome cabin but it’s just not exciting enough. I also really like how Audi is bringing back four-spoke steering wheels, as I miss those. The ambient lighting that flanks the center console also looks great.

Overall, if I had to choose just one to buy, I’d have to choose the BMW 5 Series Touring and it’s for a bit of an unfair reason. We haven’t driven the new Audi A6 yet but I have driven the new 5 Series. So I know that the 5 Series is a brilliant driving car and I don’t know how the A6 drives. When we get an Audi A6 on test, we’ll revisit this test and update from there. But until then, the Audi A6 Avant remains a very good looking unknown.

[Photo Source: BimmerToday]
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