Photo Comparison: Audi A3 pre-facelift vs post-facelift

Now that the Audi A3 has received its refresh, we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the old model and the new model next to each other to look at the differences. The first thing you notice from the front, right away, is the change in headlights. They’ve gone from the sort of squinty looking things of the previous car to the much more angular and aggressive headlights of the Audi A4. The change is drastic and looks much better. Also, the new Singleframe grille is much wider and sharper than before, giving the A3 a sportier, more aggressive look while also looking more premium. The front air vents have also been upgraded to ones similar to the A4’s.


At the back, the new taillights have gotten wider and sharper, following the trend of the entire refresh. The rear diffuser has also gotten bigger and sportier looking. Overall, the rear of the car is much more premium looking and looks like something deserving of those four rings at the back. However, the changes have been subtly and it takes a keen eye to notice the differences without looking at them side by side.

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As far as the interior goes, not much has changed. However, there is a new steering wheel, new technology and the addition of the Virtual Cockpit. The latter is the biggest change and, when equipped is a real difference maker. It gives the A3 a feeling of high-tech luxury that its older siblings posses, making a relatively inexpensive car like the A3 feel much more expensive.

Audi S3 Sportback

Overall, the new Audi A3 looks much better than the outgoing car and it both looks and feels more expensive and more aggressive. The Audi A3 was always plagued with looking and feeling a but dull, so Audi went to work fixing that and it’s done it fantastically.

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