Photo Comparison: 2018 Audi A7 vs BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo

Yesterday was the official reveal of the brand-new, second-generation Audi A7, showing off Marc Lichte’s new vision for the brand’s largest Sportback. While the first-gen car was a real looker, this second-gen car is, somehow, even better. It’s a stunning example of futuristic beauty. But how does it stack up against its competitors? The only car that competes with the Audi A7, at the moment, is the BMW 6 Series Gran Turismo. The Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class will compete as well, when it debuts, but that’s still quite a long way off. So let’s compare the new A7 with the BMW 6 Series GT, which was just revealed a couple of months ago, to see how the newest lift-back luxury cars stack up.

It’s clear that the new Audi A7 is far sleeker than the 6 Series GT. It’s lower, leaner and far sportier looking. Though, dimensionally, they aren’t that different, the A7’s design is far sexier than the 6 Series’. While the 6 Series Gran Coupe is a stunningly-beautiful car, it’s actually on its way out and this 6er GT just isn’t as pretty as the car it will soon replace.

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From the front, the Audi A7 is far more modern and futuristic looking. The 6 Series looks almost identical to the 5 Series, so it’s pretty familiar. Not bad, just familiar and a bit unexciting when compared to the Audi. The new A7’s massive grille and futuristic headlights make it very eye-catching and its laser-spot technology will be fascinating to see in action. also, its heavily creased hood makes it look very muscular, very aggressive. While the 6er isn’t bad at all, the Audi A7 is far prettier.

In profile, the Audi A7 starts to really distance itself from the 6 Series GT. From the front three-quarters, the 6er isn’t so bad. But when you actually look at its silhouette, it looks like Quasimodo. Whereas the A7’s lift-back tailgate is sleek and sexy looking, the 6er GT’s is hunchback-like. Admittedly, that gives it better rear seat headroom but aesthetics suffer as a result. Greatly. The shoulder line of the A7 starts over the front fender, making it bulge over the wheels, disappears in the middle and flares back out over the rear fender. This makes the A7 look incredibly muscular and powerful. It even looks rear-driven, thanks to its massive swelled rear haunches.

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Out back, the Audi A7 pulls away from the 6er so far, the Bimmer has no chance of catching back up. While that slumping rear end can look dumpy on Mercedes’, the A7’s rear seems tight and sporty. Sort of like a lion about to pounce. The star, though, is the massive light bar. The OLED lights pulse and dance around in a futuristic, high-tech manner that really makes it seem special. The way the roofline creases as it passes the C-pillar is also a really nice touch. Also, the creased rear decklid creates a body line that moves downward toward the rear wheel. Audi has done an excellent job of making body panel gaps seem stylish.

The BMW 6 Series GT looks flat-out frumpy from the rear. Yes, it’s been designed for practicality and a ton of cargo space, but this isn’t a comparison of practicality, it’s one of style. And the Audi A7 has more style. Although, the 6 Series GT does have real exhaust pipes, which is nice.

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When it comes to comparing the interior, it really comes down to a case of good versus great. The BMW 6 Series GT borrows most of its cabin from the 5 Series, which is normally an excellent cabin. In fact, when I last drove a 5 Series, I was wildly impressed by its luxury, materials and build quality. However, its design is just a bit blah. The Audi A7 interior is fantastic. It’s stylish, futuristic and wildly high-tech. And if the new Audi A8 is anything to go by, it will have just as good of build quality as the 6er. I like the 6 Series’ cabin, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that the A7’s is a step ahead of the entire industry.

Overall, I don’t think there’s any question that the Audi A7 is the better looking car, inside and out. It’s not that the Bimmer is bad but that the new Audi A7 is so good looking.

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