Pebble Beach 2018: Bugatti Divo steals the show

The first day of the 2018 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, August 23, is in the books. On the first day, several really incredible cars made their first appearances, such as the flat-out awesome Audi PB18 e-tron Concept. On the second day, though, a hypercar stole the show from everything else. That hypercar was the Bugatti Divo.

With most enthusiasts still in awe at the engineering achievement that is the Bugatti Chiron, no one really thought Bugatti would make another, even more insane version of it. Yet, here it is. The Divo.

Named after Albert Divo, this new Bugatti hypercar is designed to destroy every other car it sees. It’s designed to be lighter, faster, sharper and better handling than the luxurious Chiron. It’s the more hardcore version, the one meant for buyers who want dynamics and are willing to compromise on some luxury for it.

So it gets new headlights, a new face, a widened wheel track and some new carbon fiber aero. A lot of aero, actually — a massive rear wing and scoops in the roof which act as air dams for the engine. It’s still 4,400 lbs but it’s lighter than the Chiron. Plus, it’s mighty engine makes up for it.

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Speaking of the engine, it actually remains untouched from the Chiron. But did it really need touching? The massive W16 engine still makes a monstrous 1,500 hp. Seriously, did it actually need any more? However, the Divo lacks the Chiron’s Top Speed Mode, which uses software to check and makes ure the car is ready and safe to run at its 261 mph top speed. So the Divo is limited to just 236 mph. Just… However, the Divo is more focused on handling and dynamics, rather than top speed.

What does all of this cost? $5.8-million. That’s right, almost $6-million. That’s an insane figure. Pebble Beach was the right place for its debut, then.

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