Paris Motor Show: Audi Q8 — Flagship SUV is Sportiest SUV

Right now, most enthusiasts and customers are talking about the new Audi e-tron and rightfully so, as it’s the brand’s first-ever, all-electric car. It also sports a very exciting shape, with it being a large yet very aggressively shaped coupe-like SUV. However, it isn’t the only SUV with that sort of shape in Audi’s lineup. The Audi Q8 not only debuted before the e-tron but it’s both the brand’s flagship luxury SUV and its sportiest SUV and it was on hand at the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

Here in Paris, the Audi Q8 was on hand to remind everyone of why it’s Audi’s flagship. Firstly, it’s large. It’s not quite as capacious as the Q7 it sits above but it’s an imposing SUV from the outside. It’s also much sportier looking than any other SUV in the four-ringed lineup. Its flared rear wheel arches (dubbed the “Quattro Fender” as I recently learned), steeply raked roofline, fat C-pillar, massive and octagonal Singleframe grille and aggressive headlights all combine to make it look very sporty, very athletic.

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It looks much better in person, also. In photos, it can come off as a little oddly shaped but it looks very good in the flesh. In fact, if I were in the market for a large, sporty SUV, the Audi Q8 would be what I turned to. It just looks so exciting and different and it is the best looking coupe-like SUV on the road. BMW’s X6 and Mercedes-Benz’s GLE-Class Coupe may have beaten Audi to the punch but the Q8 was worth the wait, as it’s better looking than both.

Inside, it boasts a cabin similar to those in the Audi A6 and A7. While it’s not quite as opulent as the Audi A8 on the inside (as Audi wants to keep the A8 as its king luxury car), it’s still absolutely top notch.

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Stay tuned for more from the Paris Motor Show.

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