Official: All VAG diesels sold in Europe and North America will have SCR or AdBlue

The VW Group has disclosed plans to install SCR or AdBlue emissions control technologies on their entire diesel cars sold in Europe and North America.

Hot on the heels of the dieselgate, the Volkswagen Group has revealed that “as soon as possible” all of their cars commercialized in Europe and NA with a diesel engine are going to feature either the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) or the AdBlue technology as a measure to avoid any more scandals regarding rigged emissions tests.

This will obviously increase production costs for VAG, but on the long run it will turn out to be a wise decision taking into account fixing the current EA189-powered cars will be a lot more expensive, not to mention the company will also have to pay some hefty fines and settle a lot of lawsuits.

Better late than ever as someone of us would say, but the ongoing scandal is far from being over and it will greatly affect the company’s future, not just for the Volkswagen core brand, but also for the other brands part of the conglomerate, including Audi. It remains to be seen whether sales of VAG products will be affected by this, but chances are more and more people are now reluctant when it comes down to buying anything from the Volkswagen Group now that we know the company effectively betrayed customers as well as the authorities.

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Adrian Padeanu

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