Next generation Audi RS4 will drop the V8 engine

The next-gen Audi RS4 will no longer be available with the V8 4.2-liter naturally aspirated engine. In an interview with Australian journalists, Quattro GmbH managing director Heinz Hollerweger said the all-new RS4 will lose the big eight-cylinder engine, hinting that the motor will be replaced with a smaller turbocharged V6. While he didn’t disclose the identity of the engine, he did say that whatever will be installed underneath the hood, it has “to continue this success story.”

One possible solution is the implementation of an electric turbocharger system as previewed in the RS5 TDI concept showcased earlier this year and it is believed the technology will premiere on a production model sometime in 2016 in the rumored SQ7.

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Aside from revealing the news the Audi RS4 will drop the V8, Hollerweger said the engine won’t be discontinued entirely as it could still be installed in the next generation RS6. He went on to say the highly anticipated second-gen R8 will be offered with the iconic V10 engine while the next generations of the RS4 and RS6 could be offered as sedans, unlike the current models which can be had only as wagons (Avant).

It’s still a long way to go until a new Audi RS4 as the regular A4 (B9) sedan will be unveiled in 2015 so the high-performance derivative won’t come out sooner than the second half of 2016.

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