Next generation Audi RS4 Avant will be out “relatively early”

Good news for those who are waiting for a new Audi RS4 Avant as it will come sooner than expected. Even though the all-new A4 B9 just came out, Audi officials are already starting to talk about the range-topping model which according to Quattro GmbH chief Heinz Hollerweger is going to be “launched relatively early in the production cycle” compared to its predecessor.

We’ve known for quite some time the hot wagon is about to lose its naturally aspirated V8 4.2-liter engine and now Hollerweger says it will be replaced by a six-cylinder turbocharged motor which will develop more than 420 bhp (313 kW).

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Interestingly, Hollerweger went on to specify that even though the previous RS4 Avant was never sold in United States, the market is changing and more and more people are expressing their interest in buying a wagon and this might convince Audi of America to bring the RS4 Avant stateside, although a final decision has not been taken just yet. Quattro’s top brass went on to specify the next generation of the RS5 Sportback could reach U.S. dealerships.

It should be mentioned the attached image is only a speculative rendered elaborated by X-Tomi Design who used as foundation an official image of the A4 Avant. The real Audi RS4 Avant should come very close to this taking into account Audi’s RS-badged models look tastefully restrained even though underneath the gorgeous looks these cars pack some serious horsepower.

Adrian Padeanu

Long-time fan of the fabled Four Rings.