Next generation Audi A8 to get new TSI W12 6.0-liter engine

The Volkswagen Group has announced their recently unveiled W12 6.0-liter TSI engine will power the next generation Audi A8. This newly developed power plant was introduced in May at the Vienna Motor Symposium where VW officials said that in its initial state of tune it will develop 608 PS and a maximum torque of 900 Nm.

Aside from powering the new flagship model from Ingolstadt, the large W12 motor will also be installed in the Bentley Bentayga as well as the next generation Bentley Continental, Flying Spur and Volkswagen Phaeton.

Audi A8 Sport
Audi A8 Sport

In the A8 and Phaeton, the W12 6.0-liter TSI will enable the full-size luxury sedans to have a fuel consumption of 11 liters / 100 km in the combined cycle which will make the models almost 30% more frugal than the current versions.

In the years to come, the W12 6.0-liter TSI engine will be further updated to develop even more power and it will likely be implemented in sports cars as Volkswagen says the motor is track-ready.

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As a reminder, the next generation Audi A8 has been pushed back until 2017 as the company’s engineers want to further tweak the semi-autonomous driving system set to be optionally available right away.

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