Next generation Audi A4 to feature e-quattro system

British media is suggesting the upcoming next generation Audi A4 (B9) will be offered with an optional e-quattro system. This will be a hybrid setup consisting of a conventional combustion engine that will work with two e-motors, with one of them installed in the transmission housing while the other will drive the rear axle. This system should be good enough to provide a combined output of as much as 408 bhp (304 kW) in a more potent variant of the A4.

According to the same report, it is believed the conventional engine will be rated at 292 bhp (218 kW) while the e-motor inside the gearbox would provide an additional 54 bhp (40 kW) and work together with the other e-motor developing 116 bhp (87 kW).

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The e-quattro system will apparently be offered not only in the next generation Audi A4 but also in the TTQ crossover due on sale in 2017. This system will allow the cars to run on the conventional engine sending power to the front wheels during higher speeds while when used at slower speeds around town the car would work in electric mode with a rear-wheel drive layout. Whenever added traction would be necessary, the e-quattro would use both the combustion engine and e-motors to turn the car into a hybrid with an all-wheel drive setup.

via CAR

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