Next-Gen B10 Audi A4 Rendered Looking Sharper and Sportier

This B9 generation of Audi A4 is on its way out, after having already received its mid-cycle facelift. It’s days are numbered, as its replacement, the B10 generation, will debut sometime in 2023. While some spy photos have given us glimpses of what it might look like, its design is still very much an unknown. In this new render from Motor.es, we get to take a look at what the B10 Audi A4 might look like.


Given Audi’s penchant for evolutionary model changes, this render looks very similar to the current B9-generation car. However, there are some important changes, most notably to the headlights and grille. The render shows off a Singleframe grille that’s far shorter, wider, and more angular. That visually lowers the front end of the car significantly, making it look far sportier. It also combines with angular LED headlights, to give the B10 A4 a much more aggressive look.

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Of course, this is just a render but it is based on spy photos, so it’s likely somewhat accurate. While the rest of it looks very much like a B9-gen car, that’s likely as well.


The B10-generation Audi A4 will be built on the latest iteration of the MLB architecture but there will also likely be an all-electric version, built on Audi’s PPE (Premium Platform Electric) architecture as well. Call it an Audi A4 e-tron. The latter of which might have a different design language from the internal combustion car, similar to how the A6 e-tron will look drastically different from its gas-powered sibling.

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This will also be the last internal combustion Audi A4 of all time, which is a bit weird to think about. The A4 has been a staple of the auto industry since the mid-’90s and it’s going to become completely electric after this generation, as Audi continues its transition into a fully-electric luxury brand. If the last gas-powered A4 looks like this, I don’t think too many customers will be upset.


[Source: Motor.es]
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