Next-Gen Audi TT Could be Based on VW ID R Sports Car

It’s not much of a secret that Audi pans on switching the TT over to some sort of electrified architecture. The reason for that is the fact that customer demand for dedicated sports cars and roadsters seem to be dying off. So unless brands start making electric versions, there’s really no real reason to make them anymore. So there’s word that the next-gen Audi TT will be fully-electric and based off of the upcoming line of Volkswagen ID R sports cars.


At the moment, Volkswagen plans on developing a line of electric sports cars and roadsters built on the VW Group’s MEB all-electric architecture and they will wear the “ID R” badge. We don’t know exactly what sorts of cars will be built on this platform; what size they’ll be, how much power they’ll have and/or what they’ll compete with; but we do know that VW is planning on EV sports cars.

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hat said, it’s also rumored that the upcoming Audi TT will share the same architecture and powertrain. That would likely mean a twin-motor setup; one electric motor powering each axle; giving the car electric Quattro, as Audi likes to call it, and both coupe and roadster variants. If that’s the case, it would also be quite unique in its segment, as no other premium brand sports and electric roadster of that size and price.


We sincerely hope this happens and happens soon. Electric convertibles are great fun to drive and the idea of a small, drop-top EV sports car is incredibly exciting. Especially one from Audi with all-wheel drive and, hopefully, impressive performance. Not only would that be fun to drive but it would be unique and special to own. So as much as we’re sad to see the current version go, bring on the electric Audi TT.

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[Source: Autocar]
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