Next-Gen Audi TT could actually be an electric crossover

I apologize if you were eating when you read this headline because it’s bound to make any car enthusiast puke. The idea that the Audi TT, one of the coolest, most stylish sports car over the past couple of decades, could turn into a crossover is nauseating. The electric part is fine, in fact we have gone on record encouraging an electric TT. It’s the crossover part that makes us want to vomit.


According to this new report from Auto Express, there’s been a bit of a boardroom-battle in Ingolstadt over the future of the Audi TT. AE’s sources claim that former Audi boss Rupert Stadler is the one who initially pushed for the TT to become a five-door Sportback model, similar to the Q3 Sportback. Why any of Stadler’s ideas are being listened to — considering the man helped cost the brand billions of dollars in fines over a massive diesel scandal and is now facing criminal chargers — is beyond me.


These same sources also claim that the current work-in-progress name for the electric Audi TT crossover will be the Audi eTTron… How would one even say that? E-TT-ron? E-t-Tron? It’s nonsense.


Apparently, this upcoming electric TT crossover will be smaller than the current Q3 Sportback but be priced about the same as the current TT sports car.


To be perfectly honest, I’m no the sort of person to bemoan the changing of the times, especially in the automotive industry. Times changes and we must change with them. However, the Audi TT becoming a crossover seems completely pointless. Either kill the TT off or don’t. But don’t create an entirely new vehicle and give it the TT name. Because that’s what Audi would be doing if this ends up being true.


If Audi wants a new crossover, electric or otherwise, just make one. It did it with the Q2, Q3 Sportback and the upcoming e-tron Sportback. There’s no need to ruin a sports car nameplate but transforming it into something completely different.


[Source: Auto Express]
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