Next-Gen Audi TT, Audi R8 to be electric sports cars

It’s been known for some time now that the Audi TT as we know it is coming to an end. During its three generations, the TT has been an icon for the four-ringed brand but lack of sales and a growing need to clean up emissions have put an end to its relevance. So it’s time to say goodbye to the TT as we know it now. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t make a comeback.

According to Audi CEO Bram Schot, the current Audi TT will be replaced by a new model that will be an “emotive model in the same price range”. That in itself is good news. Even though the TT will be gone, it will be replaced with something similar that’s supposedly going to be an emotional sports car in the same price range. Schot also said that whatever the car ends up being, it will sport an electric powertrain.

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This isn’t the first time we’re hearing this but it’s nice to get official confirmation from Schot himself. The fact that Audi is looking to replace traditional sports cars with all-electric ones is very encouraging and shows the forwarding thinking of the brand.

Furthermore, Audi is also looking to replace the R8 with an electric car. When Schot brought up the Audi R8, he asked “Do we need a successor with a combustion engine? Does this fit in with our vision?” Again, this is something we’ve heard before but only just in rumor. So hearing it come from Schot is good news. We also recently spoke to an Audi e-tron representative who said that the team at Audi wants to make an electric R8 replacement. So it really just comes down to getting the green light from bean-counters.

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We’re very excited to hear that Audi will be making more and more electric sports cars. While it’s sad to see the Audi TT and R8 go as they are now, we can take solace in knowing that we’ll be getting new, “emotive” sports cars for the future.

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