Next Audi Q5 to be built at San Jose Chiapa, Mexico plant

Audi is currently building a new $1.3 billion plant in San Jose Chiapa, which is located in Central Mexico. The plant will open on September 30 and Audi is currently training employees. This new San Jose Chiapa plant will be the first of its kind in Mexico and it will be manufacturing the next-generation Audi Q5 for the entire world market.

At first, this new plant will only be making petrol-powered Audi Q5 models but electric variants are soon to follow. Audi plans on manufacturing 150,000 cars a year at this new plant, which is a lot to ask of a brand new plant.


Audi is following the lead of a few other German manufacturers, as Volkswagen has had a plant in Mexico for decades now and BMW has just recently opened a plant there as well. This works really well for European car makers, as it makes shipping cars to both North and South America more economical. Being that the US is the second largest car market for Audi, this is incredibly helpful.

From this, we’ve also learned of the fact that Audi will be making an electric variant of the next Q5. This will make the electric Q5 the second Audi SUV to be slated in the coming years, as the e-tron Quattro-based SUV will likely be coming out around the same time.

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