Next-Gen Audi A4 Will Still Use Internal Combustion

Audi is rocketing toward its switch toward electrification, as it plans on stopping all new internal combustion engine (ICE) cars by 2026 and will switch to full battery electric vehicles by 2033. However, before it goes fully electric, the next-gen Audi A4 will hit the market with gasoline and diesel engines.


Though, the next-gen Audi A4 will be among the last ICE cars the brand ever makes. During a recent interview with Auto Express, Audi’s head of technical development Oliver Hoffman spoke about the upcoming A4 and why it will still use piston engines.


“The development of the next generation of A4 is under way,” he told AE. “We’ll offer that car, and the A6, for a lot of years. Production of the last new combustion-engine model will begin in 2025 and end with a normal lifecycle in 2033. But we will launch some models a lot earlier.”


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The next-gen A4 will be built on an updated version of the VW Group’s MLB architecture. When asked about an all-electric version of the Audi A4 to be sold alongside the regular one, Hoffman sort of side-stepped the question.


“We are really happy to have a strong partnership within the Group – with Porsche for PPE, with VW for MEB, and our own platform, the MLB. We have the power to develop and produce dedicated platforms for most technologies.” he said.


Due to the next-gen A4’s MLB platform, it’s unlikely that there would be an electric version. However, there could be a smaller A4 e-tron built on the same PPE architecture as the upcoming A6 e-tron, or even the upcoming SSP architecture coming in 2025.

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Thankfully, despite it slack of BEV variant, the upcoming Audi A4 is said to use gasoline and diesel engines that are “the best we have ever launched”, according to Hoffman. Sounds good to us.


[Source: Auto Express]
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