Next-Gen 2020 Audi A3 Sportback to debut in Early March

For those of you excited by the upcoming Audi A3 Sportback, you’re in for some good news. The next-gen A3 will make its official debut on March 3, according to this new report from Motor1.


The next-generation of Audi A3 Sportback has been seen quite a bit as of late, in new spy photos and videos. It even recently leaked without any camouflage, wearing only a multi-colored wrap that showed off its entire body design. From what we’ve seen, the next-gen A3 looks really good, with premium and sportier looks.


According to this report, the Audi A3 we’ll see on March 3 will be the Sportback model, not the Sedan. The latter isn’t going to debut until much later this year, which might disappoint some North American fans. The A3 Sedan is going to be the only available model on this side of the Atlantic, so we’re going to have to wait a while for that. Still, both the Sedan and Sportback models will be similar, it won’t really matter which one you see first.


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Current-Generation Audi A3 Sportback


This upcoming Audi A3 will be built on the same new version of the VW Group’s MQB architecture as the new Mk8 VW Golf. From what we’ve seen and read about the new Golf, we should be in for quite an upgrade with the new Audi A3. It should be more dynamic as well as more comfortable and premium.


When the new A3 debuts, it’s going to have to take on the new BMW 1 Series, which is now front-wheel drive-based, and the Mercedes-Benz A-Class/CLA-Class. Considering that the current, and aging, Audi A3 remains competitive against those much newer cars, we’re confident that the next-gen A3 will do well against them.


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We’re hoping that the next-gen A3 is more fun to drive than the current car, though. While a good car overall, the current A3 isn’t exactly thrilling to drive, so if this new one can keep the same level of comfort and practicality, while being more fun to drive, it will be a huge win for Audi.


[Source: Motor1]
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