Next Audi CEO might come from BMW

At the moment, the interim CEO of Audi is Bram Schott, while Rupert Stadler is currently in custody in Berlin. Stadler has been charged with fraud, following further investigation into the massive diesel scandal that the entire Volkswagen Group can’t seem to run away from. However, Schott is not seen as a permanent successor to Stadler by the rest of the board, so they’re looking outward for Stadler’s replacement as Audi CEO.

The man being looked at by Audi is Markus Duesmann, who was most recently the Procurement Director at BMW. While nothing is official at the moment, Duesmann has been terminated at BMW. That’s likely so he can be dismissed from his contract at BMW, which would allow him to take the job at Audi without having to wait the usual six months, following an industry-standard blocking clause.

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Markus Duesmann is a mechanical engineer by nature and started out at BMW in 2007, as the brand’s Head of Powertrain for the former BMW Sauber Formula One team. He then continued to move his way up in the world at BMW, becoming Head of Dynamics and was responsible for powertrains for the entire BMW brand.

Former Audi CEO Rupert Stadler

Prior to BMW, Duesmann also worked at Mercedes-Benz, also helping with engine development. He also worked for the Mercedes-Benz F1 team. So he clearly knows his way around an engine.

Most recently, though, Duesmann was responsible for BMW’s Purchasing and Supplier network as a member of the Executive Board. He held that position from October 1, 2016 until just recently. And while nothing is yet official, his new position might just be Audi CEO, as the four-ringed brand is said to like Duesmann for the job.

Duesmann knows the industry well; he knows the technical and mechanical side of it, he knows the logistics side of it and he knows the executive side of it. When it comes to working in the automotive industry, he’s done it all. That makes him an excellent choice for Audi CEO and fans of the four-ringed brand should be excited to have him if he is, indeed, hired.

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