Next Audi A8 to receive autonomous driving

Audi just recently lapped Sonoma Raceway with an autonomous RS7, named Robby. Robby was able to complete the lap faster than any human test driver was able to do and it did it consistently. So Robby was able to prove that Audi’s autonomous technology is becoming quite advanced. Audi must think so as well, as it’s decided to put Robby’s advanced technology in its next generation A8.

Autonomous Audi RS7 - Top
Autonomous Audi RS7 “Robby”

Audi¬†told us this back in January, that the next A8 would be able to drive itself around town at speeds up to 37 mph, but now we know it’s possible, thanks to Robby. The next generation A8 doesn’t have a release date, but with brand new competition from the Mercedes-Benz S Class and, more recently, BMW 7 Series, Audi better hurry it up. Especially considering that both the Mercedes and BMW have semi-autonomous deriving capabilities of their own already out.

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Audi A8 Sport
Audi A8 Sport


Mercedes was the first to put this sort of semi autonomous driving in a full-sized luxury car and BMW has amped it up a bit in the new 7 Series. The new 7 has the ability to remote park itself, even if the driver is outside of the car. With competition like that, Audi better be on its A-Game with the A8, and its autonomous tech, if it wants to compete. Though, if Audi does have this sort of “Robby” technology planned for the next A8, it should be the best autonomous luxury car on the market.



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