New York Fashion Designer takes chance on Audi R8 V8

Sometimes break ups can be hard. If you’ve been with a person for years and they suddenly walk away from the relationship, it can take a serious toll. Sometimes, people do drastic things after a break up to compensate for the loss they’ve just experienced. Many people buy cars, expensive cars, to fill that void. New York fashion designer, Kerby Jean-Raymond of, founder of Pyer Moss, did just that with an Audi R8.

While still in the infancy of starting his fashion label, Jean-Raymond went through a tough breakup. His girlfriend had left him and also took their Jeep with here. Jean-Raymond was not only upset, but also without a car. He was still taking out loans for his business and was in a bit of a struggle. So what car did he decide to buy? A first-gen Audi R8 with the lovely 4.2 V8, of course.

Found on eBay, Jean-Raymond’s Audi R8 was something he couldn’t pass up. The price was right and, as a long time Audi fan, he couldn’t pass on the opportunity to buy an R8 at that value. So he bought it, sight unseen, and it arrived on a truck some time later as he worried about how he was going to pay for both the new exotic supercar as well as his business. When it first arrived, it was covered in inches of dirt, which fell of like snow when he opened the door for the first time. It was in desperate need of a wash.

Audi R8
Audi R8

However, after a good washing, the Audi R8 was as good as new and ready to show off to his family. Jean-Raymod was the first in his family to buy such an expensive and powerful supercar, so they all flocked to it to take a look at its sleek lines and harrier-jet styling. It’s styling is the main thing that attracted the young fashion designer. “When people see the R8, they tell me it looks like me. I wanted black on black, because I always wear black. I love the lines—the low profile, the angular headlights, the way the car looks like it’s going fast even when it’s standing still.” said Jean-Raymond. The R8 does sort of fit his style quite well. “It’s sporty and sleek, like the way I try to draw my leather jackets and sweatpants. You don’t find a lot of daily driving cars that can convey that kind of style, at this price range.”

He’s since reconciled with his girlfriend and Pyer Moss is doing quite well, with Elle magazine calling him a “creative genius”, so the story has a happy ending. Actually, an extra happy ending, as Jean-Raymond got the girl back, is succeeding in business and now owns a stunning Audi R8.

Nico DeMattia

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