New York Auto Show Delayed until August due to Coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to take its toll, yet another auto show has been affected. While 2020 Geneva Motor Show was cancelled altogether, the upcoming 2020 New York Auto Show has been delayed until August 28.


“We are taking this extraordinary step to help protect our attendees, exhibitors and all participants from the coronavirus,” said Mark Schienberg, president of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association in a recent statement.


“For 120 years, ‘the show must go on’ has been heavily embedded in our DNA, and while the decision to move the show dates didn’t come easy, our top priority remains with the health and well-being of all those involved in this historic event. We have already been in communication with many of our exhibitors and partners and are confident that the new dates for the 2020 Show will make for another successful event,” he continued.


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There may be some disappointed fans but safety is the primary concern, here. There are far more pressing matters at hand than auto shows and we’re glad to see different authorities taking the appropriate measures.


Audi wasn’t originally supposed to attend the New York Auto Show, becoming the latest German automaker to pull out of it, following BMW and Mercedes-Benz. However, it might need to attend the New York Auto Show in the Summer.


Despite originally cancelling, we’re now wondering if some of the Germans decided to attend New York. With Geneva being cancelled, Audi might look to New York — one of its biggest US markets — to take its place. And now that the New York Auto Show has been delayed, the Audi has time to plan for it.

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Either way, we think this is the right move for the New York Auto Show. It shouldn’t be held in this current state of affairs and safety needs to be the primary concern. Cars will still exist in August for us to see.

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