New Quattro coupe renderings?att

The original Audi quattro coupe(known affectionately in Europe as the Ur quattro- or “first quattro”) was the car than many consider to be the singular vehicle that put Audi on the map. As an nigh unbeatable Group B car, the quirky little coupe went on to set the stage for Audi’s move into the world of higher performance vehicles such as the S and RS line series of road cars as well as other race series. The Ur quattros have gone on to become collector’s items for Audi and car enthusiasts alike.


Now, rumor has it that Audi has considered building a successor to the popular quattro of yester-year via the A5/S5. The car would supposedly sport a high powered V6 churning out 425HP to all four wheels via quattro permanent all-wheel-drive. The model would likely be a stepping stone between the S5 and RS5 which is expected to churn out at least 450 HP. Our guess is that the engine probably won’t be only 25HP from the top-tier RS model but probably somewhere in 380 to 400HP range to better stagger the cars across the range – assuming Audi builds the car.  If this does go on sale, expect it in 2012 and to be priced somewhere above the current S5 but with a lower gross weight – something many could agrue the S5 would greatly benefit from.

Below is a idea of what the car could look like according to AutoBild. We’re all for a “new” quattro coupe, only if Audi can guarantee that it would do the original quattro coupe justice – and lose the retro fading red rings!

(Source: Autobild via German Car Scene via Autoblog)