New myAudi Sphere shows off Audi tech at Munich Airport

Currently, Audi has a space inside the Munich Airport which it uses as a sort of mobile Audi Forum. Well, following an extensive remodel, Audi will be replacing that with what it will call the myAudi Sphere, which will be a discovery platform for new tools and technology. Visitors from all around the world flying into Munich will be able to visit the myAudi Sphere and experience the new technologies being developed for Audi dealerships.

Inside the 700 square meter space, guests will find a broad range of hardware and software tools, such as the exclusive shop-in-shop concept for the Audi Sport lineup, virtual demonstration tools for assistance and light systems and a digitalized consultation suite. In the “Customer Private Lounge”, visitors can configure their dream Audi and discover it on high-resolution display screens that show even the smallest elements in lifelike detail.

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myAudi Sphere: Following a complete remodeling, the former Audi Forum at Munich Airport is reopening as a discovery platform for progressive tools in the dialogue between customers, the manufacturer and dealers. The focus is on digital innovations that connect the real and virtual worlds of Audi. myAudi Sphere is the first showroom worldwide to stage an advanced setup of the brand’s virtual reality application: the “Audi Walking VR experience”. Visitors using the virtual reality headset to get an especially realistic view of their dream Audi can now walk around it freely and even take a seat inside.

The myAudi Sphere will be the world’s first showroom which will allow visitors the ability to take virtual tours of their dream Audi, using virtual reality technology nicknamed “Audi Walking VR experience”. Visitors that wear the VR headset can take a virtual walk around any Audi vehicle and even take a virtual seat inside of it.

Customers and visitors in the redesigned showcase location can also participate in workshops and seminars focusing on digital innovation. myAudi Sphere is also aimed at the brand’s dealers from worldwide markets. It will thus complement the offerings of the three Audi training centers with their own testing grounds operating right at Munich Airport. Around 25,000 dealership employees participate in training at these centers each year.

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Last year, over 60,000 people visited the Audi Forum in Munich airport, so this new myAudi Sphere will likely bring in a considerable increase in visitors, thanks to its impressive technology and virtual look at nearly any car in the Audi range.

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