New Live Photos from the 2017 NAIAS

Today is the second press day of the 2017 NAIAS, the Detroit Auto Show, and it’s the day when everything starts to wrap up. Almost all of the press conferences are done and there are pretty much no car debuts left, at least for Audi. Because of that, there are far less crowds around the cars and less people slobbing over them to get pictures (I know, “slobbing” isn’t a word, but people are slobs and the crowd cars, so there you go). This means we can get some much better pictures of the Audi debuts for you. Check them out.

Audi Q8

By far the biggest debut for the Ingolstadt-based brand, and for the auto show as a whole, was the 2018 Audi Q8 Concept. Packing a turbocharged hybrid powertrain, the Q8 is capable of 0-60 mph in about 5.4 seconds. It’s also capable of driving completely under electric power and is said to be capable of Level 4 Autonomy, once it finally debuts of course. It packs enough touchscreens to make the Starship Enterprise jealous and looks reminiscent of the original Audi Quattro. We’re listening, Audi.

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Audi SQ5

The second-gen Audi SQ5 landed in Detroit and looks significantly better than the first-gen. Instead of the old supercharged V6, the new SQ5 packs a 3.0 liter turbocharged V6, the same as in the S4, and makes 354 hp. That allows it to get from 0-60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. It also gets an optional sport rear differential that allows it to really tuck into corners and handle in a way SUVs shouldn’t.

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