The All-New Audi RS6 Gets Cool Aftermarket Upgrades

The all-new Audi RS6 Avant is one beast of a car. Sadly, it’s not available in the United States. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world can’t have their fun with it, does it? This particular vehicle comes from Germany. It’s been highly tuned by ATT-TEC Performance. To some extent, the vehicle received just what it needed.

First, the tuning company decided to upgrade the wheel department. A set of ADV05RM MV.2 CS Directional wheels was installed. These wheels follow the recently introduced and ever-so-popular directional spoke design, giving the vehicle a unique, albeit somewhat over-the-top appearance as well. The wheels are lightweight, come with perfect fitment and adhere to what a high-quality aftermarket wheel set is all about.

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These wheels are sized 21×10.5 in the front and rear, respectively. They come with a Brushed Aluminum finish, working perfectly with the Florettsilber Metallic RS6. After the wheels were installed, it was time to spice up the handling and stance as well.

This is done thanks to a set of KW Suspension V3 Coilovers that give the RS6 better stance, more driving dynamics, better cornering speed, but also a much improved sports oriented ride as well. On the performance side, the vehicle received an Akrapovic exhaust system, a brand-new air intake and a flash tune, giving the vehicle even more performance figures. The car now delivers a whopping 900 NM and 675 HP, with the dyno run data sheet in detail will follow tomorrow. Full photoshoot by C-Kraft Photography is available below.

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A Florettsilber Metallic Audi RS6 With ADV.1 Wheels

A Florettsilber Metallic Audi RS6 With ADV.1 Wheels

A Florettsilber Metallic Audi RS6 With ADV.1 Wheels

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