Which to Buy — New Audi RS6 Avant versus Used C7 Audi RS6 Avant?

This new Audi RS6 Avant is a pretty stellar machine. It looks fantastic, packs an all-new twin-turbocharged V8 engine and has some kick-ass tech to boot. However, it is very expensive, costing over $100,000 USD. So, in markets where you can find used RS6s, is it actually better to buy the previous generation car?


In this new article from Car Buyer UK, we take a look at which car is actually the better buy: the brand-new C8-generation Audi RS6 Avant or the previous C7-gen car.


The comparison spans every facet of the two cars; from powertrain to interior to driving dynamics; to see which is the better car to actually put your money down on. Price is obviously the main factor here, as the older car can be had for significantly cheaper. So the question isn’t whether or not the new RS6 is better than the old one but rather if it’s so much better that it justifies its price premium.

C7 Audi RS6 Avant
C7 Audi RS6 Avant


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On paper, the new Audi RS6 Avant is better than its predecessor in every single measurable way. It’s more powerful, faster, more dynamic, has a more comfortable interior, far better technology and it even comes with a nifty warranty. However, is it so much further ahead in those categories to justify a 30-percent price premium? We’re not so sure and neither is Car Buyer.


In fact, they claimed that it’d be the older C7 RS6 Avant they’d buy over the new one because it’s almost as good as the new one but significantly cheaper. Personally, I think I’d have to agree. I like the looks of the old cars lightly better (even though I love this new car), I think its interior has more character and, well, it’s a lot cheaper…


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Personally, though, I’d have to take the new one in reality because, well, Audi never sold the C7 RS6 Avant in the ‘States…


[Source: Car Buyer]


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