New Audi e-tron Sedan Teased Ahead of Shanghai Auto Show Again

Shortly after the reveal of the Audi Q4 e-tron, the four-ringed brand teased yet another upcoming e-tron model, set to debut at the Shanghai Auto Show next week. This new e-tron is going to be concept of an upcoming sedan, similar to the e-tron GT only smaller. Now, it’s been teased again, on Audi’s Weibo page, China’s main social media site. (We don’t own the photo, so we’re not going to post it but you can see it here)


The teaser photo in this post shows off a very low, very sleek looking sedan. It has a similar rear wheel arch flare as the e-tron GT but it looks very different from the e-tron GT in its profile and overall shape. Whatever this car is going to be called, it has its own, far sleeker design language than any of its e-tron relatives. It’s far lower and smoother than any other Audi on the road.

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What’s interesting is the we heard this upcoming Audi e-tron concept sedan would be similar in size to the Audi A5 Sportback but it looks nothing like that car. Which is honestly refreshing, as the same-sausage-different-lengths design language at Audi is getting stale.

World premiere: Audi at Auto Shanghai on April 19


It also looks very different from any other Audi that’s come before it, which is really interesting. Most Audis have been designed around their relatively complex packaging but these new e-tron products have no such packaging constraints. So Audi is free to design whatever it feels like and it seems as if Marc Lighte’s team has done something very different.

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We can see that it gets very slim OLED taillights that wrap around the body, with very slim headlights at the front. It also has a very fast roofline, with short windows, and virtual side mirrors.


What will be even more interesting to see is how this design translates to a production car. So far, every single Audi e-tron concept design has been about 90-percent production-ready; the production cars looking almost identical to the concepts. If that trend continues, we’re likely going to get a very good looking Audi sedan.


[Source: Weibo]
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