New Audi A3 Render makes it look like a Baby-A4

To be honest, we already have a very good idea of what the next-gen Audi A3 will look like. Several spy photos of the upcoming A3 have been seen, featuring either very little camouflage or none at all. This new render seems to feature a lot of the design details we’ve seen of the coming A3, as well as some from the newly facelifted Audi A4.


Up front, this render looks about exactly as the real Audi A3 should look. Though, that’s not too surprising, considering the fact that some new spy photos recently surfaced showing its face completely uncovered. What is interesting is what the back end looks like in this new render. Its taillights seem pulled directly from the A4 facelift, as do the rectangular exhaust pipes. We’re not so sure this is exactly what the back end will look like but it’s probably close.


We can’t wait until the next-gen Audi A3 debuts, as we think it’s going to be the best looking one yet. Its angrier design up front, along with its sportier roofline, is going to make it more exciting and interesting than the current car.


It will also be better to drive. The next-gen Audi A3 will be based on the newest version of the MQB chassis, which also underpins the new Volkswagen Golf. From what we’ve read about the new Golf, its driving dynamics are improved over the current Golf, which is already superb. So we’re extremely optimistic about the new A3 and how it will drive. Furthermore, we’re extremely excited about future performance models, such as the Audi S3 and RS3.


While we hope that the new Audi A3 differentiates itself from the A4 a bit more than it does in this render, it does likely provide a good idea of what the final car is going to look like.


[Source: Motor1]
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