This Neidfaktor Audi R8 gets a black and blue interior

Neidfaktor is a German expert interior shop that customizes and upgrades some of the most exotic car interiors in the world. One of their most recent works is this owner’s Audi R8 V10 Plus, given the nickname “The Blue Thunder Project”. One look at the finished product and it isn’t hard to see why it got its name.

The interior started out as Audi’s standard black interior but has been given quite a lot of blue touches. Blue alcantara with diamond stitching is in the interior door panels, seats and the rear parcel shelf. It looks great and of extremely high quality. There’s also blue alcantara on the the shift knob and atop the gauge cluster, which looks superb, as well as blue plastic on the steering wheel. If you look carefully enough, you can see the blue weave in the carbon fiber paddle shifters. Then, blue stitching throughout the cabin really tops it all off.

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It’s not too much blue or too extravagant. It looks high-quality and upscale. Everything from the impeccable diamond stitching to the blue in the paddles, this is an extremely impressive interior. Kudos to the folks at Neidfaktor for doing up an R8 so well. The Audi R8 already has a great interior so to improve on it is impressive. Check it out.

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