Mystery Audi R8 teased ahead of 2018 Paris Motor Show reveal

As we get closer and closer to the end of the Audi R8 in 2020, it seems as if the folks in Ingolstadt are giving it all they have before it goes the way of the Dodo. We’ve already seen some photos of a facelifted version on its way and we’ve heard reports that Audi will be making another rear-drive R8 RWS. Now, Audi Sport has teased us with this new photo of some sort of Audi R8 only a few days ahead of the 2018 Paris Motor Show.

In just a couple of days, on October 2, the 2018 Paris Motor Show will be underway and Audi will be launching at least two new cars. The Audi SQ2 and whatever this mystery Audi R8 is. Judging from this new teaser photo on Audi Sport’s Facebook, it looks to be some sort of race car, possibly an R8 LMS.

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The photo shows some sort of R8 under a black sheet and the only things we can make out are the fact that it’s an R8, its large new headlights and what seem to be two holes in the hood, flanking either side of the four-rings logo. Typically, those holes would be for hood pins on a race car, so that’s what makes us think it’s some sort of Audi R8 LMS.

However, it could be a facelifted Audi R8 or maybe even some special edition. An Audi R8 GT, perhaps? Maybe it’s going to be a hardcore, track-oriented version of the R8, a la Porsche 911 GT3 RS? Or maybe it’s the new R8 RWS? No one knows.

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All we know is that this is some sort of new Audi R8. We won’t know for sure until Tuesday, when Audi finally takes the wrapping off in Paris. Until then, it’s just wild and fun speculation.

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