MTM’s take on the new S4

For those familiar with the tuner MTM, you know they can bang out some seriously fast, agile Audi’s. For those not familiar with MTM – just check out the twin-engined Audi TT the produced a number of years ago called the BiMoto TT.


However, I digress. The B8 S4 has barely been on the market in Europe but a few short months and already MTM is giving us a sharper, faster S4. Once they got their hands on the supercharged 3.0L, horsepower jumped from the already quick 330HP to a seriously quick, B7 RS4 range, 430HP and a very potent 515Nm. MTM uses their specially developed M-Cantronic software that remaps the engine and ECU.

If the engine remap isn’t enough, then dedicated MTM and performance fans should also drop coin to pick up the MTM upgraded suspension whose height can be adjusted along with the optional 19 inch or 21 inch BiMoto style wheels. However, even if you lease your S4, the MTM systems are reportedly very easy to install/uninstall in the event you come to the end of your lease and are ready to return the car you can easily remove the parts to keep from those pesky lease-end fees.

If you’re serious about picking up an S4 and taking it to the max, head over to MTM’s website to start picking out these incredible parts.

(Source: World Car Fans)