Most powerful Audi R18 ever premiers in Munich

Audi will be kicking off the 2016 Motorsport season with a bang by presenting its more powerful and more efficient Audi R18 LMP1 Le Mans race car. To celebrate, Audi premiered the new R18 over the weekend at the Audi Training Center, in Munich.

Audi R18 2016
Audi R18 2016

The Audi R18 will stick with its hybrid TDI setup, but it’s a revised hybrid setup, with Lithium-Ion batteries and an optimized TDI engine. “With our new Audi R18, we’re setting a clear signal: Audi continues to put the pedal to the metal in motorsport, deliberately relying on TDI – the world’s most successful automotive efficiency technology – at Le Mans,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich.

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The 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship will kick off April 17th at Silverstone Circuit, in Great Britain. Audi will be sticking with the same drivers for this race, as it wants to lean on continuity. However, the R18 race car will be better, lighter, faster and more efficient than before, giving the drivers an edge.

Audi Sport Finale 2015

Audi is very proud of its highly successful R18 race car and is very excited to see this newly modified version take to the track in 2016. “We’re proud about being able to again represent the Audi brand in 2016 with such an extensive commitment in motorsport,” says Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich. “The new Audi R18 marks a major step that we’re expecting a lot of at Le Mans and in the WEC.”

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