Mercedes-Benz teases 300-mile electric platform

Currently, there is no electric car on the market with a 3o0-plus mile range, as the Tesla Model S P90D has the furthest range on the market with a crazy close 294 miles. Audi claims that its upcoming all-electric SUV, current dubbed the e-tron Quattro, will boast an impressive 315-mile range, but that isn’t set to debut until 2018, so the competition could catch up by then. Especially if the claims from Mercedes-Benz are true.

New details of a 310-mile electric architecture from Mercedes-Benz have recently emerged and a concept of the upcoming car will debut at the 2016 Paris Motor Show in September. This new architecture will be a modular design that will underpin many future vehicles of many different sizes, such as sedans, coupes and SUVs. This new Mercedes-Benz electric architecture will be built with the batteries built into the floor of the chassis, which is pretty much the industry standard nowadays.

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Audi e-tron Quattro Concept LA Auto Show

This new electric platform will be just part of a $7 billion investment by Mercedes into electric mobility. “This is another indication of our commitment to electric mobility,” said Thomas Weber, chief of Mercedes-Benz Research and Development.  “We are investing massively in electric mobility, and we are convinced that the market is now ready.”

However, Mercedes claims that this new 310-mile EV won’t come to the market until the end of the decade, so it’s possible that Audi’s upcoming e-tron Quattro could hit the market first. However, regardless of when Audi’s EV SUV hits the market, it’s going to have at least one competitor from Mercedes-Benz.

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