Mercedes C-Class SportCoupe rendered as Audi A5 rival

Independent artist Theophilus Chin has envisioned this Mercedes C-Class SportCoupe as an Audi A5 rival. Mercedes-Benz seems to be filling each and every niche lately so it shouldn’t come as a surprise if in the near future they will bridge the gap between the CLA and CLS with a new model that besides tha A5 would also compete with BMW’s 4-Series Gran Coupe.

This potential Audi A5 rival might see the light of day as a report from last year indicated the German marque is cooking up a liftback derivative of the new C-Class which would be commercialized with the SportCoupe designation. It wouldn’t be the first time when Mercedes would use this name but unlike the last time when the car had a three-door layout, the new one would get a five-door body styles and ride on a stretched wheelbase platform of the C-Class sedan offered in China. As a consequence, expect additional rear legroom and possibly a larger trunk.

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Audi is putting the finishing touches on the A4 set to come out in 2015 so a new A5 Sportback will probably come out in 2016 at the earliest with a bigger body despite losing weight.

via Theophilus Chin

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