Mercedes-Benz to create Audi Q6-fighting fully electric SUV

At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show that recently passed, Audi debuted a stunning concept car called the e-tron Quattro Concept. A fully electric SUV that will likely become an Audi Q6 in the future and will compete with the Tesla Model X, the e-tron Quattro Concept had much of the automotive world buzzing. Well, apparently Mercedes-Benz was getting a bit jealous and has announced that it will be doing something similar.

Mercedes-Benz Charger

During an interview with Car and Driver, Thomas Weber, R&D Board Member for Mercedes-Benz, said “I confirm that we will make a fully electric car with a range between of 250 to over 300 miles,” That sounds about the same mileage that’s been claimed by both Audi and Porsche for their most recently announced electric vehicles. Weber didn’t exactly say that it would be an SUV, but he did go on to say that it will “not be a competitor of any of our current electric offerings. It won’t be a Smart, it won’t be the next B-class [Electric Drive], and it also won’t be a sports car like the SLS Electric Drive.” However, according to C&D, he hinted towards and SUV by saying “sedans are not particulary well suited to storing large battery packs.”

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Audi e-tron quattro conceptTechnically, there is no current fully electric SUV on sale so it wouldn’t be a competitor of an current offerings. But Mercedes-Benz is fully aware that Tesla and Audi will be the only two battling in the EV SUV segment and isn’t about to let those two steal all of the spotlight. Being that the luxury SUV segment is one of the most popular segments in the automotive world, and given the growing popularity of EVs, it only makes sense that Mercedes-Benz gets involved in the segment that would originally only be occupied by Audi and Tesla. So the pressure is on for Audi to make the Q6 as good as ground-breaking as possible, as the Tesla Model X is no longer its only future competition.

[Source: Car and Driver]
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