Mercedes-Benz to copy Audi Allroad with All-Terrain crossover

Oh how we mocked when we learned of Audi’s upcoming Allroad. The half wagon, half crossover mongrel that serves no actual purpose, aside from eliminating the Avants that us Audi fans really want, is much maligned in the Audi crowd. For good reason, though, as by trying to blend two different segments, the Audi Allroad actually ends up not being very good in either segment. But what do we know, right?

Apparently, not much because Mercedes-Benz is going to be coming out with its own version of the Audi Allroad, called the All-Terrain. According to Australian publication, Motoring, has recently discovered that Mercedes-Benz would be creating its own segment-blending mongrel. The All-Terrain will be E Class based and slot between said E Class and the GLE SUV. This is a slightly different take on Audi’s Allroad, which will be based on the lesser Audi A4. Apparently, this Mercedes-Benz All-Terrain should be debuting sometime in 2017.

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Audi A4 allroad quattro
Audi A4 Allroad Quattro

What’s with this trend of creating jacked up wagons with pseudo off-road capability? Are people so torn between SUV and wagon that they need a blend of both that ends up not good at being either. It seems a bit silly to us enthusiasts who would rather just buy an Audi Avant or Mercedes-Benz Estate and leave the pseudo crossovers to folks who wear socks with their sandals and go bird-watching.

But now that Mercedes-Benz has decided to create its own version of the Allroad, it justifies the Allroad’s existence as an actually desirable model. That means that Audi is going to keep pumping out Allroads instead of giving us the Avants that we truly want. Stop instigating it, Mercedes, you’re not helping.

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