Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain: The Newest Audi Allroad competitor


Audi has made a lot of money selling its Allroad. Basically a jacked-up A4 or A6 (depending on the year) with plastic fender flares to give it a pseudo-rugged look, the Audi Allroad is a fraud. If the Audi Allroad is a utility vehicle because it has plastic body cladding, then I’m a professional NFL¬†player because I play Madden.

But I digress. These pseudo-rugged, jacked-up luxury vehicles are becoming quite popular these days, because people want to seem active. So, since Audi has had quite a lot of success with the Allroad line of vehicles, Mercedes-Benz has decided to join the mix, with its new E-Class All-Terrain.


Not only does it have a similar name to Audi’s Allroad, it’s a very similar concept. It’s essentially a Mercedes E-Class with some plastic fender flares, a new front bumper and a slightly jacked up ride height. By slightly, I mean it might clear a tennis ball. Mercedes Air Body Control air suspension is standard on the All-Terrain and can raise the car up to six inches, so enough to clear a softball.

It also has a new Drive Select mode, called All-Terrain (who would have guessed?). What this does is re-calibrate the transmission and stability control to help you drive on, well, all sorts of terrain. According to Mercedes-Benz, they took this software from the new GLE-Class SUV. This should help a little bit, but don’t expect to cross the Mojave. It’s called the All-Terrain, but it’s really only capable of Some-Terrain.

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Now, if you think I’m bashing the Mercedes-Benz All-Terrain because I don’t like Mercedes or its new E-Class, please don’t mistake me. The new E-Class is a lovely new car. It’s packed with impressive new technology, is incredibly luxurious and looks great, especially in wagon form. Which is why it bothers me that Mercedes took that rather good looking E-Class wagon and turned into this thing.

Hey, but at least the Audi Allroad has a new friend.

[Source: Jalopnik]
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