Meet Audi of America’s new CEO — Mark Del Rosso

Scott Keogh has been the CEO of Audi of America for a few years now and, in our opinion, he’s done an excellent job. Since he took over the four-ringed brand in America, we saw Audi bring the manual back for the A4 (even if just for a short time) and the introduction of the RS5 Sportback for the first time ever. So we’ll always be grateful to Scott for what he’s done for Audi and its enthusiasts in America. Now, though, it seems as if we’re not the only ones impressed, as he’s moving on to bigger and better things and becoming the CEO of the entire Volkswagen Group in America.

Keogh came to Audi in 2006 as a marketing manager and helped develop the brand into what it is today, bringing record awareness to the brand with innovative marketing. Since becoming CEO in 2012, he’s done a fantastic job of getting Audi record sales months, every month consecutively, for the past couple of years. Now, he takes his talents to the Volkswagen Group and will also help run the Volkswagen brand itself.

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In his place will be Mark Del Rosso (top photo), who’s been the head of Bentley in America since 2017. Prior to his time with Bentley, Del Rosso was the head of Audi’s U.S. sales operations for almost nine years. So he has familiarity with the brand in America.


Scott Keogh

“It is an honor to return to Audi and lead such a talented team of employees and great dealers,” Del Rosso said. “We will continue the success of the brand with the launch of the A8, A7, A6, the all-new Q8 and, of course, our first electric vehicle, the e-tron.”

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His predecessor also had great things to say about him. “Audi is well-positioned to capitalize on its rich product portfolio in spite of a tightening market,” said former Audi USA CEO Scott Keogh. “I can’t imagine a better person to take the wheel and continue to lead the Audi brand, its dealers and our employees than Mark.”

The four-ringed brand is certainly pointing upward, especially in the U.S., as it just recently revealed its first-ever all-electric car, the e-tron, in San Francisco, the tech capital of the world. So it gives Audi a car to directly rival Tesla in America, which is no easy task but one we think it can handle with the new e-tron. Keogh has done a really great job but we’re excited to see what Mark Del Rosso can do.

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