McLaren F1 Team Not Interested in Selling to Audi

A little while back, there were some exciting rumors about Audi potentially buying the McLaren F1 team. I was personally extremely excited by the possibility of Audi not only joining Formula One but also teaming up with McLaren. While the former may still happen — as Audi and Porsche are still possibly in the mix to join F1 — the latter rumor seems to be dead.


According to a recent report from Sport Auto, “McLaren doesn’t seem to have a lot of interest in selling at the moment.”


With a new fixed cost cap, independent teams have become more and more attractive and McLaren feels it no longer needs additional investment, especially since an American sports agency, MSP Sports Capital, bought fifteen percent of the McLaren team for  £185 million back in December, 2020. MSP also wants to increase its stake to 33 percent. So it’s unlikely McLaren is going to sell anytime soon.

Audi e-tron Formula E Racer


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To be honest, this was to be expected. I wasn’t overly optimistic that McLaren would sell to Audi, if it even sold at all. It would have been a great story but one that will never be told. Now, though, that leaves Audi without a buying partner, so it could eye a different team quite soon.


According to the same Sport Auto article, Porsche is looking at either the Red Bull or Williams teams as its potential buy-in partner. Red Bull would be far more expensive for Porsche but would give it the opportunity to win right away, while Williams would be cheaper but could take two or three years before being competitive. With that said, does Audi just go with the team Porsche doesn’t?


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One way or another, we sincerely hope Audi enters into F1. It will be immensely exciting to see one of the great motorsport brands of all time enter the highest form of motorsport. After its success at Le Mans, Audi could due well in F1 and it would be awesome to see.


[Source: Sport Auto]


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