Maybe don’t watch this failed Audi A8 drift attempt

The first-gen Audi A8 was a really cool car for its time. It was extremely luxurious, looked great and had a ton of power and grip. In fact, it’s still a cool car and one of the better second-hand deals on the market. However, one thing it really wasn’t good at was drifting. With torsen-based Quattro all-wheel drive, it sends its power to the axle that needs it most, searching for grip. So it’s not something that slides easily. Apparently, this guy didn’t get the memo.

In this video, this genius attempts to drift his Audi A8 in what seems to be the dirt parking lot of a warehouse. There’s not a lot of room and a lot of things to crash into. So this wasn’t smart from the beginning. That doesn’t stop him, though. He starts off and for about a nano-second, you might think that he’s about to pull a decent drift. Right up until he hits a brick wall. Rather than stop, though, he keeps going full throttle and spins the A8 into a cargo container. It’s like a ballet of stupidity.

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A closer look at the car in the aftermath shows that the front fender and axle are jacked up. So, too, is the rear of the car and it doesn’t seem keen on driving anywhere. It’s kind of funny until you realize this happened to a really good car that some enthusiast could have had some real fun in without smashing it into a wall. And then a large container.

Way to go, guy. These sorts of videos are funny but also aggravating. Some enthusiast could have bought that car and really enjoyed it. Now its fate is at the top of a scrap heap somewhere in Europe. What a bad way to go for one of Audi’s cooler classic cars.¬†Where’s that “Shame” lady from Game of Thrones when you need her?

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