Martin Winterkorn resigns as Audi Chairman

We all know about the most recent diesel scandal involving the entire Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen and Audi were selling TDI models in the United States that were installed with a sort of “cheat device” that allowed the ads to cheat on their emissions tests in the US. After this had come to light, Martin Winterkorn, CEO of Volkswagen Group at the time, resigned almost immediately after the news went public. However, Winterkorn had only step down as CEO of Volkswagen Group.

Following Winterkorn’s resignation, he was still on the supervisory board for Audi. According to AutoNews, He has just since resigned from that post as well, further cutting ties with the Volkswagen Group once and for all. This comes after Winterkorn took some heat for his reluctance to give up all posts under the Volkswagen umbrella, so it seems that he has finally caved. Though, his plan for Volkswagen and Audi’s turn around is still being implemented by interim CEO, Matthias Mueller.

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Martin Winterkorn

Winterkorn was looked at as the main culprit for the massive diesel scandal that seemed to have shocked the world. He vehemently denies any awareness of cheating on any emissions tests. However, despite his denial, Winterkorn has completely resigned, proving to be the perfect scapegoat.

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