Australian Racing driver Macauley Jones is Restoring a 1974 Audi 100

Typically, when one thinks of a classic Audi, it’s the Audi Ur Quattro. Not only is it the most famous Audi of all time, it’s likely the best of all time as well. However, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t good Audis prior to the Ur Quattro. In fact, almost a decade earlier, there was a car that wore the famous four rings that was actually quite underrated — the Audi 100. Thankfully, someone is giving the 100 some love, as Australian Racing Driver Macauley Jones is restoring one. (We don’t own the restoration photos but you can check out the story here)


Jones, who drives a Holden ZB Commodore in the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, is actually a fan of Audis. His dad, Brad Jones, raced Audis back in his day, so the four-ringed brand has always had a special place in Jones’ heart.

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“I’ve always loved Audis since my dad raced them, so I grew up around those guys having Audis and we had Audi road cars and it pretty much stemmed from that,” Jones told Supercars.com.


Being a lover of classic cars, Jones decided to seek out an old Audi but it was harder than he expected. In Australia, Audis weren’t very popular in the ’70s and ’80s, so not a lot of them were sold. Which makes his 1974 Audi 100 very rare, as there were only ever about 130 sold in Australia each year.


“I just came across photos of some old Audis a few years ago and I had never seen one in Australia up until I went and looked at one, which was fairly local, it was about an hour away,” said Jones.


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Since buying it, he’s been slowly restoring it, as his car isn’t exactly in the best of shape. It’s an old car and he’s completing what looks to be a full, engine-out restoration. It’s a daunting task, especially during a pandemic-lockdown that doesn’t allow for people to work together. So not only is he working on the car alone but sourcing parts is difficult, especially so on a rare car.


That said, Jones is in no rush. While he obviously wants to finish the car, his goal is to have it done by August, 2021. “There is a show in August next year in Melbourne, it’s like a German Autofest, so I would like to get it done for that but again it’s depending on what the season brings out,” he said.


Personally, I find this project really cool. I’m a bit lover of the old ’70s Audi 100, as it reminds me of Cold War-era sedans, just, ya know, not the Soviet ones… I’ve also always wanted to own an Audi 100, so this project is one we’re going to keep an eye on.

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[Source: Supercars]
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