Lumma-Design Audi SQ5 looks much more aggressive

Even though the Audi SQ5 is the sportier model variant of the Q5 range, it’s still pretty subtle looking. Sure, it gets bigger wheels, some aluminum mirrors and some ‘S’ badges but it’s still not particularly exciting looking. It’s handsome, sure, but it’s really quite understated. So if you want your SQ5 to have its looks match its performance, than Lumma-Design might have just the thing for you.

Seen here, the Lumma Audi SQ5 looks pretty intense. Its non-metallic grey paint, with black contrast trim make it look very sporty but also very modern. It’s definitely a more youthful look. Its aluminum mirrors become black, as do its wheels, the latter of which also get some red trim and red center caps.

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There are also some fender flares, that give the Audi SQ5 a wider, more muscular, more athletic look. Best of all, though, it gets real exhaust pipes(!). Rather than the cheap looking fake plastic bits that go where exhausts are supposed to be on the standard Audi SQ5, this Lumma-tuned car gets quad exhausts, like a proper ‘S’ car. They’re square on this car, though, and finished in black. So they look very sporty and very angry, much more fitting of an Audi ‘S’ car.

On top of the visual upgrades, there’s also a performance tune available (799 euros), which gives the Audi SQ5 a 50 hp bump, from 354 hp and 404 hp. It also gets a 110 Nm (81 lb-ft of torque) upgrade, which bumps torque up to 610 Nm (449 lb-ft). The standard SQ5 is pretty quick on its own, so this upgrade should make it even more fun.

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If you’re looking for a visual and performance upgrade for your Audi SQ5, something that makes it less subtle and more exciting, this Lumma-Design car could be for you. Hell, it’s worth it for the exhaust pipes alone.

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