Lonely first-gen Audi R8 abandoned outside police department in India

It’s always a sad sight to see a beautiful supercar abandoned and left to die. Especially when that supercar is a rare one and one that’s already about to die off completely, such as the Audi R8. By 2020, the R8 will be no more, as Audi is giving its mid-engine supercar the ax. So we have to cherish those that still exist, not like this sad one.

Turns out that this specific Audi R8 used to belong to Indian pro Cricket player¬†Virat Kohli, who is actually a brand ambassador for Audi. Somehow it ended up in the hands of a man who ran an illegal call-center scam and was eventually arrested. When he was arrested, his Audi R8 was seized by police and kept at the police station, where it’s stayed ever since.

Unfortunately, its sitting there caused a ton of damage, as it was left to rot. It was also flooded at one point, with the water carrying it across the station’s property. So it’s completely destroyed at this point and beyond repair. Which is really painful to see, as it’s such a wonderful car and one that so many enthusiasts would love to own. Yet this one has been neglected and ruined.

And it’s not like there are many others. There weren’t a ton of first-gen Audi R8s sold and they’re no longer made, so this one being ruined is a bit sad. Admittedly, there are second-gen R8s that can be had both new and used but many enthusiasts prefer the look of the old car, plus is could have been had with a free-breathing V8 and a manual gearbox, which the new one cannot.

It’s never fun seeing supercars being abandoned and ruined but seeing something as special and rare as the Audi R8 is especially sad.

Nico DeMattia

I've been in love with cars since I was a kid, specifically German cars. Now I get to drive them talk about them on the internet.