VIDEO: Audi Q2 Geneva Motor Show Launch

The Audi Q2 is a very important vehicle for Audi, as it introduces the brand to a much larger audience of younger people than it had before. The idea of the Q2 is to get young people into the Audi brand, who will then move up into bigger and better cars. However, the Q2 doesn’t seem to just be an entry-level model. In fact, it seems like it will be the best small Audi on the market. We think the new Audi Q2 looks like it could be better than both the A3 and the Q3, as it seems more aggressive and sporty, much like Audis of old.

Audi Q2

So naturally, with a car this important to the brand, its launch is quite the big deal. Well Audi made that abundantly clear at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show occurring right now. A massive spectacle was made for the launch of the Audi Q2, with  massive light show, a DJ and some intense graphical imagery. It was quite the show.

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It’s also the first time we get to see the Audi Q2 in the flesh. It’s one thing to see it in pictures, but this video allows you to see it as close to in person as you’ll get without actually being there. So check it out.

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