Live Photos: Canibeat – First Class Fitment 2016

This past Saturday, famous tuner blog and magazine Canibeat held its annual First Class Fitment car show at Princeton Airport in Princeton, New Jersey. With a backdrop of planes, helicopters and open runways, hundreds of fans showed up to look at, gawk over and talk about the impressive array of cars on display. With owners having to register cars, and be accepted, before hand, most of the cars on display were of impressive quality. It was rare that you saw a backyard-mechanic special.

There was every kind of car imaginable, from Audis and BMWs to Volkswagens and Porsches, with a few insane exotics, such as a Ferrari and a few Lamborghinis, scattered throughout. Some of the cars were simply baffling in how much work was done and some were incredibly simple and stock. It was a cool show to see, especially with small plans and helicopters taking off and landing in the background.

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B5 Audi RS4 Avant
B5 Audi RS4 Avant

We were there to witness it all and took some photos of the best Audi products for you. In a car show as vast as First Class Fitment, there wasn’t as many of these two brands as we would have liked to have seen, but there were some really great ones there and we have pictures of those below. Check them out and if you’re in the area, seriously consider the show for next year.

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