LIVE PHOTOS: Audi e-tron comes to the New York Auto Show

Today marks the first press day of the 2019 NY Auto Show and we’re going to kick it off with the Audi e-tron, of course. While Audi has some other new cars on hand here in NY, the e-tron is by far the most important. We’ve seen it before, and you likely have as well, but it’s always good to check it out and poke around it a bit.

What’s interesting about the e-tron in NY today is the fact that it was one of the contenders for World Car of the Year, the winner of which was revealed this morning. Unfortunately for Audi, the e-tron was not the winner, with the award instead going to the Jaguar I-Pace. Though, the I-Pace is a brilliant car as well, so no hard feelings there.

Still, the Audi e-tron is an impressive electric car that stands out among many of its peers. One of the ways it stands out, though, is how it blends in. I know, that doesn’t seem like it makes much sense but it’s true. While other electric cars like Teslas, the BMW i3 and the aforementioned Jaguar all look unique and futuristic, the Audi e-tron does not. Instead, it’s hard to pick it out from other Audi SUVs at a glance and that’s the idea. It’s supposed to attract traditional Audi customers and bring them over to electric mobility. So it needs to look normal.

Unfortunately, the e-tron is the only electric Audi on hand today, with none of the other EV concepts in New York. Which is a shame because we were really hoping to see the Q4 e-tron Concept in person, or even the e-tron GT. Still, we’re happy to see the e-tron here among the rest of Audi’s newest cars. Check it out below.

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