LIVE PHOTOS: 2018 Audi A8 — Looks Better in the Flesh

Yesterday was a big day for Audi, as it officially debuted its new flagship luxury car — the 2018 Audi A8. The new A8 is a very important car for the brand, as it’s going to spearhead the brand’s journey into the world of autonomous driving technology, as well as give it a car to compete with the monstrously successful Mercedes-Benz S-Class. So it wasn’t good that its exterior styling was met with some criticism for being to evolutionary and a bit boring. However, we’ve gotten some real-life photos of the new Audi A8, from the Audi Summit at which it debuted, and it looks much better in the flesh.

The shoulder line, that starts at the front fender and works all the way to the trunk-lid, gives the car some real presence and makes it look sharp and dynamic. The C-pillar also sweeps pretty far backward toward the rear end, which almost gives it a four-door coupe sort of look. It’s actually a much more handsome car in real-life photos than in the stock photos from Audi. At the back, the rear light-bar is a bit controversial. Some love it, some hate it. It looks better lit-up and in person but I’m still not entirely sold on it. Though, the built in little spoiler looks pretty cool. Those fake exhaust tips are pretty rough, though, and we’re not sure why Audi has been doing this on premium models.

The best part of the new Audi A8’s design is its face, though. The massive Singleframe grille looks very imposing and aggressive, giving the front end a high-end look. The headlights are also quite angular and aggressive, giving its face some character. It looks better than the last car, the previous-gen A8 it replaces, as that car had a pretty bland face.

While in stock pictures, the Audi A8 just looks like another big Audi, it looks like something genuinely premium in person. It has size, presence and style to go along with its impressive technology. It’s also understated enough to be classy. We think the new Audi A8 will do quite well for the brand.

[Photo Source: Costin Giurgea]
Nico DeMattia

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