Live Photos from 2017 SEMA Show

There was almost too much to see at the 2017 SEMA Show. Car companies, tuning companies and part companies from all over the world gathered in Las Vegas to show off what they can do when they go a bit nuts. It’s one of the more extravagant and interesting car shows you’ll ever see. So there was a lot to see there, more than just some Audis on car show stands. And it was all a bit too much to separate. So we’re just going to share with you some of the more interesting Audi stuff we saw at SEMA.

We saw everything from stock cars to concept cars to highly tuned cars, with Audi at the center of it all. For instance, we saw the stunning Audi TT Clubsport Turbo Concept, a car designed by Audi to pay tribute to the original Audi 90 IMSA GTO. It was probably the coolest car we saw at SEMA, as it looked incredible, harken back to a classic and, by the way, had a 600 hp 2.5 liter turbo-five. Also from Audi itself was a TT RS sporting Audi Sport’s new Performance Parts. These looked really cool and made the TT RS look like a track weapon.

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As far as aftermarket stuff, H&R had a big presence at SEMA. It showed off an off-road Audi Q5, equipped with a higher ride height, new wheels with chunkier tires and a roof box to hold the full-sized spare. It also had some sort of wrap on the sides, depicting what seems to be off-road trails. It was very different, as most Audi builds are on-road high-performance type stuff, so we liked it a lot. Of course, H&R showed off a performance-tuned Audi SQ5 as well, with some BBS wheels and new H&R coilovers. H&R wasn’t done there, though, as it also had a pair of RS3 Sedans on display as well.

There was some crazy Audi stuff at SEMA, too much to mention it all. So check out this photo gallery of all the cool Audi-related stuff we saw in Vegas.

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